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Whether in the workplace, educational settings or within families, where there is disharmony In Balance works with you to  restore harmony, equilibrium and the natural life balance.



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- Employee Assistance    

  Programes (EAP)


- Company Assistance    

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- Executive Support


- Mediation


- Ocupational Health Advice


-  Training & Development


-  Trauma Management


-  Team Building Events


-  Restraint Training


At In Balance, we offer a range of services which can swiftly and effectively alleviate the stress experienced by your employees – and their families – and massively reduce the impact of those lost days to your profit margins.


Providing your team with a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme can improve morale, reduce time and money lost to sickness, and protect you from potentially costly litigation.

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The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to secure the health (including mental health), safety and welfare of employees whilst at work.


More and more, companies are experiencing losses in manpower and revenue as a direct result of employee stress, and are turning to methods such as Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s) to reduce the burden on their staff.  


“We have used In Balance to provide a local responsive service for our employees who require mediation, crisis trauma interventions  and bereavement counselling.

Also providing team building events."

Jacqui Sclanders, Senior HR Consultant Peterborough City Council

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