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Whether in the workplace, educational settings or within families, where there is disharmony In Balance works with you to  restore harmony, equilibrium and the natural life balance.



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Behaviour Intervention Programme



School and Sixth Form




Providing one-to-one counselling, support and advice to assist the student to become more aware of the impact of their behaviour on themselves and others in social situations. Allowing time and space for the student to explore their own issues and response to external factors.


Enabling social skills, confidence, assertiveness, interpersonal communication and relationship management skills to develop and grow.





Statistical evidence and data is available on request, as are testimonials from past and current schools who have successfully employed the In Balance Behaviour Intervention Programme.


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Schools currently participating in the programme report that attitudes and attention in the classroom improve and grades go up. Outside of the learning environment a change of behaviour is also recognised.


Improvements brought about by the programme have a wide-ranging impact on students’ behaviour across the school and reduce misbehaviour and stress in the classroom, consequentially reducing stress for teachers and classroom assistants too.


Our aim is to:

- encourage individuals to adjust      

  their attitude to learning

- create a better educational

  environment for others in class

- allow / enable teachers to do

  the job they are trained for


Using our trainers skills drawn from military experience, youth work, corporate team building and parenting skills, this is not an awareness programme - it is an ACTION programme!


Expect results.

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This dynamic programme has been running successfully in schools for over 5 years and demonstrates an innovative way of working with the most challenging students, working with their resistance to change and making a difference towards their attitudes to learning, resilience and behaviour within the classroom environment and free time.  


By using group and individual work, the programme encourages students to take responsibility for their actions to raise personal expectations.  


Learning lifeskills and celebrating strength of character, putting a positive twist to problem solving to connect external activities back into the educational environment.



“The results of Trev's work are students feel empowered to take control of their situations and gain a sense of self belief. The value of this work cannot be underestimated and is vital to any inclusion agenda."

Mr J Hinch, Director of Sport,

Thomas Deacon Academy

Transforming challenging behaviours and attitudes.

Statistical Evidence