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Whether in the workplace, educational settings or within families, where there is disharmony In Balance works with you to  restore harmony, equilibrium and the natural life balance.



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Solving problems,

building relationships, improving productivity.


Derek Furze, Assistant Director for Learning & Development, Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Trevor has run a number of courses within Learning and Development in recent years, mainly around topics such as assertiveness and effective communication. Trevor is a positive and encouraging trainer with a lively approach who brings a broad range of experience to the classroom."

Training & Development Programmes



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Fun, friendly and informative, In Balance covers topics such as managing egos, resolving conflict, being assertive, building rapport, handling complaints, communicating professionally and positively, empathising, encouraging fellow employees, growing strong relationships and more.


Once your team has mastered the interpersonal and conflict resolution skills In Balance teaches, you will see an immediate lift in team morale, energy, positive communication and cohesion.

A major accident or incident can have detrimental effects on employee effectiveness and ability to perform designated roles. It can cripple a business. Getting professional assistance as quickly as possible is critical to your organisation’s long-term viability.


Through personal and

group sessions our incident

de-briefing team assist employees in working through the issues arising from the incident, gaining awareness of how they are affected and normalising the symptoms they experience.


Our proven techniques greatly speed the recovery time of employees, and in conjunction with a disaster recovery plan, can quickly get your company back on its feet.



Crisis Trauma




Arbitration and Mediation



Using ACAS procedures, In Balance can ensure situations avoid escalating to grievance procedures. By understanding the dynamics of the organisation, your mediator will ensure that the parameters of the mediation are set and acknowledged.  


Most mediation sessions can be concluded and agreed in one day minimising the negative impact on your business. Each participant is encouraged to sign an Agreement contract on the path forward, this is then given to line managers and personnel to ensure that action is agreed and followed through.